Change Item Permissions in SharePoint: A Power Automate Solution

Photo credit: Jason Blackeye

Article Updated: Feb 10, 2022


It is best practice to avoid item level permissions in SharePoint.

Built-in Action

There is a Power Automate action to change item permissions in SharePoint:

The problem is that it only shows “View” and “Edit” (actually I think it’s contribute) items.

Under the covers, it uses the ID of the Permission level (or Role Definition) in SharePoint.

Roles Definition IDs in SharePoint

To get the Role Definition IDs in SharePoint you can use this:

[Site URL]/_api/web/roledefinitions

Then parse the XML to get the Role IDs.

Or… You can use this table to get the common IDs:

Role Definition NameRole Definition Id
Full Control1073741829
View Only1073741924

Use the Role Definition ID in the Action

Once you have the Role Definition ID, you can send the ID into the action using the format:

role:[Role Definition ID]

Note: You will need to use the “custom value” setting.


Sending the Design Level)

When you run the flow, the item gets the permission defined by the ID you used:

I thought this was a neat little workaround/hack.

Author: Mike Hatheway

I'm a husband, father of twins, and a consultant specializing in M365. Generally focused on Teams, SharePoint, and the Power Platform. I hold several Microsoft certifications and I work at Bulletproof Solutions.

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